Itonami Daisen Art Festival

Based on the topographical view of Holy Mt.Daisen, this logo utilizes wavy line to express the joint power of ITO (meaning thread, refers to people’s connection), NAMI (wave, refers to the impact of artists’ creation), and the location itself – Daisen town.

Here is a detailed explanation of what Itonami implies – The Art of Living.

“Art is not confined to the framework of a painting, the glass cases of a museum, or the walls of a gallery. Here, beneath the towering peaks of Mt. Daisen, the tallest mountain of Japan’s Chugoku region, this fact is self-evident. Whether it’s a farmer tending crops, a carpenter constructing a shrine, an artisan crafting an umbrella, or a grandmother making sweet plum wine, art is everywhere–an integral part of life for residents who call this natural wonderland home.

Yet these residents face grave challenges: a rapidly declining population and shrinking villages threaten the way of life people in Daisen have known for centuries. We are answering the call to find creative solutions that enable towns like Daisen to survive and flourish. For this purpose, we seek to employ the common thread (ITO) that binds us all: art.

Through a variety of art and village restoration projects, Daisen is creating new connections throughout Japan and beyond. These connections empower residents to make waves (NAMI) that bring real change by attracting new residents and building a diverse, free community where modernity and tradition coexist in harmony.”


  • 2017.10.01


  • こっちの大山研究所、鳥取県