Tried all three within a year. Sounds like a fun game collecting all the rewards.

(CT Scan for brain; MRI for left knee cap; X-ray for lowerchest)


Occasional lowerchest pain starts to relapse more and more frequently. Since last week the mild pain lingered with me like a semi-harmful bruise. So I went for my family doctor for the third time in a month…

“The MRI lineup is too long. Let’s check the lung with x-ray first. Come and see me again if your pain become severe and unbearable. If you haven’t woke up from acute pain, then nothing is a big deal.”

One thing for sure, this is not a preventative medical system we live in.

Waiting for my health report again.

The lung? That’s the last organ I worry about coz I know what I hurt the most among all my organs.


Left side, lower part, my chest,